QPR captain demands goal-line technology across Football League

Clint Hill shows his frustration after having his goal disallowed against Bolton Wanderers in March

Clint Hill shows his frustration after having his goal disallowed against Bolton Wanderers in March 2012 - Credit: EMPICS Sport

Clint Hill wants the introduction of goal-line technology across the Football League, and believes a failure to do so could see clubs pay a “soul-destroying” price.

The installation of Hawkeye in the Premier League has been hailed as one of the most important developments in British football for 150 years.

It was used for the first time on Saturday, ruling that Fabian Delph’s shot had not crossed the line during Aston Villa’s 3-1 win over Arsenal at Emirates Stadium.

But it has not been introduced in the Championship, League One or League Two – and Rs captain Hill believes that has put many of the country’s clubs at a serious disadvantage.

“If you bring in that type of technology then it should be shared among the football community,” said Hill. “Just because it is the Premier League and that’s where the money is, that is where the technology is. Is that where decisions matter?

“What about the Championship, League One and League Two? Why don’t their decisions matter? Maybe it’s because they are not in the papers every day, there is not the same exposure. I don’t know why, is it money?

“The Premier League gets all the exposure; we have experienced that over the last two years. It should be filtered right the way through professional football.

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“I don’t see how it can’t be a level playing field. The same things happen in League Two as the Premier League, it’s just the exposure that you get. Certain decisions are built up.”

QPR visit Bolton Wanderers on Saturday, with Hill returning to the ground where he had a goal incorrectly ruled out in his side’s 2-1 Premier League defeat in March 2012.

Hill fears that a repeat of such an incident could prove costly this season, particularly for the clubs which reach the most lucrative match outside the Premier League – the play-off final. “The Championship is a great league,” added Hill. “Take the biggest game money-wise, the play-off final, probably the biggest game outside the Premier League.

“Whoever is in that play-off final, if they didn’t go up because of a decision, it would be soul-destroying. Think of everything you would have gone through, and then a decision goes against you when you know the technology is there.”