QPR boss grateful for break post-Spurs sacking

QPR manager Harry Redknapp felt that he needed those five months being out of football after his sacking from Tottenham Hotspur.

The 65-year-old ended his exile from the Premier League when he was appointed to lead the R’s out of the mess they find themselves in.

“It’s been okay,” he said. “I think I may have needed a break.

“It didn’t do me any harm. It’s been a tough year. It wasn’t the worst thing that could have happened to me.

“I haven’t seen a Premier League since I finished at Tottenham. I didn’t want to go.

“If I turn up you think ‘what’s he doing here, is he after my job?’

“I used to go and watch Bournemouth.

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“I love watching lower division games.

“I liked popping down and having tea with the managers like John Still with Dagenham.

“They’re fantastic lads. I enjoyed it and that was good.”