Protestors to march on Sarah Teather’s Harlesden surgery

Protestors still angry after the lib dem MP dropped out of Willesden debate

DISGRUNTLED voters will march through Harlesden to lobby an MP over government cuts tomorrow (Friday).

Students, workers, union activists, benefit claimants and people with learning difficulties will set off from both the College of North West London and Central Middlesex Hospital at 5.30pm to express their anger over university tuition fees, benefit cuts and redundancies.

The two demos, organised by Brent Fightback, a coalition of groups against the cuts, and Brent Trade Councils, a committee of local union leaders, will meet at the Clock Tower in Harlesden at 6.30pm before heading to Brent Central MP Sarah Teather’s surgery at the Methodist Church in Harlesden High Street.

A prepared statement will be handed to the children and families minister who has agreed to hear demonstrators’ concerns.