'£1 goes a long way' says entrepreneur after high heels charity walk

Princess Melodicaah

Princess Melodicaah walked seven miles in heels to raise money - Credit: Princess Melodicaah

A Neasden mum walked seven miles in high heels to raise money for her fledging fashion business and charity foundation.

Rachel Adutwumwaah, known as Princess Melodicaah, set out from Neasden's McDonald's wearing five inch heels on June 26 and walked a circuit to Wembley Park to raise much needed funds.

Princess Melodicaah walked more than seven miles in high heeled boots

Princess Melodicaah walked more than seven miles in high heeled boots to raise funds for her fashion business and charity - Credit: Princess Melodicaah

A registered paediatric nurse, the 37-year-old started her fashion label Melodicaah three years ago and also helps single parents in Ghana through her Princess Melodicaah Foundation. 

"I wanted to raise funds to push my business and charity as I don't want a lack of funds to stop me. I thought of walking in high heels because no-one's done that and I wanted to inspire people."

The mum-of-five began her solo walk at Neasden McDonald’s and headed to Wembley Park and did a loop taking in Wembley High Road, Alperton, Sudbury, North Wembley, Preston Road, and finished back at Wembley Park Asda.

Princess Melodicaah is off to Milan Fashion Week in September with her own designs

Princess Melodicaah is off to Milan Fashion Week in September with her own designs - Credit: Princess Melodicaah

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"I walked  a total of 11.56km non stop in three hours 26 minutes, a total of 20,700 steps, all in my high heels.

"About half way my toes starting hurting me. I wasn't tired, I had a lot of stamina but at the end when I finished I took off my heels and walked home in my socks. People were looking at me but I didn't care."

Princess Melodicaah

Registered nurse Princess Melodicaah runs a fashion business and a charity supporting single parents in Ghana - Credit: Princess Melodicaah

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Princess moved to Brent from Ghana when she was seven years old and now gives back to the country of her birth. 

"I've lived in Brent all my life and it's made me who I am. It's made me want more out of life, made me put in the work and achieve my dreams."

Half of the money raised from her walk, so far £147, will go to buy fabrics while the  rest will go to her charity.

"I offer financial assistance to single parents with children in Ghana so they can start micro businesses. One pound goes a long way out there so £50 or £100, that's enough for someone to start a little roadside business selling food or something."

Princess Melodicaah

Princess Melodicaah - Credit: Princess Melodicaah

Princess's fashion label is taking off and she was recently approached by a scout to showcase her fashion designs at Milan Fashion Week in September. 

"I'm excited but a little bit nervous as I don't know what it will be like," she added. "But I'm getting my designs ready." 

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