Pregnant cat gives birth to kittens in Kensal Green car park after being dumped by owner

Elpida and Speranza were found abandoned in a car park

Elpida and Speranza were found abandoned in a car park - Credit: Archant

A heartless pet owner dumped their pregnant cat in a car park in Kensal Green leaving her to give birth to four kittens before she was discovered.

Elpida and Speranza were found abandoned in a car park

Elpida and Speranza were found abandoned in a car park - Credit: Archant

The mother, who has been named Hope, and her offspring were brought to The Mayhew Animal Home in Trenmar Gardens, Kensal Green, where they were nursed back to health.

Squash was found stuck down this drain

Squash was found stuck down this drain - Credit: Archant

However this latest episode of abandonment highlights the kitten crisis The Mayhew is currently facing.

This summer, The Mayhew has been so overwhelmed by the sheer number of unwanted cats and kittens dumped daily, they have had to close their doors temporarily.

Hope and two of her kittens have been rehomed and The Mayhew are still looking for new owners for the remaining two Elpida and Speranza.

Last week, a six-week-old kitten who had fallen four feet down a drain in Cricklewood was also placed in the home’s care.

Squash is recovering well in a foster home after her ordeal and will be one of the many kittens looking for a new home in the coming weeks.

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Caroline Yates, The Mayhew’s CEO, said: “We have the facilities to care for up to 150 cats and kittens, but unfortunately we are at full capacity. We are working hard trying to find homes for them but there are not enough homes to go around.”

The Mayhew is reminding pet owners that neutering their cats is vital in order to reduce the stray and feral kitten populations. Unneutered owned cats will go outside and breed with local stray and feral cats, leading to litters being born in gardens and abandoned buildings and therefore becoming vulnerable to the outside elements.

Anyone with concerns about abandoned litters, or animal welfare enquiries can call 020 8969 0178 and can book a low-cost neutering appointment at The Mayhew’s vet clinic on 020 8968 2447.

If you would like to adopt any of the animals in the charity’s care please call 020 8969 0178 or visit

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