Police raid and close down EIGHT brothels in Sudbury

A murder investigation has been launched

A murder investigation has been launched - Credit: PA WIRE

Police have closed down EIGHT brothels operating in Sudbury after tracing them through advertising stickers plastered on lampposts in the area.

Sudbury Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) carried out the operation following complaints from residents about the stickers advertising ‘massages’ over the last six months.

Officers also intend on raiding a further three bordellos over the next few days.

Sergeant Lorraine Warren from Sudbury SNT told the Times: “Prostitution and brothel keeping are a large problem in Sudbury ward and Brent as a whole and as this is classed as anti social behaviour, it takes up a lot of our time.

“We are plagued by ‘massage’ stickers on lampposts in Sudbury Town, which when contacted, give us the information to go and close them down.”

Sudbury SNT also targeted street drinkers and bail-jumpers who have failed to turn up in court as part of Sudbury Week of Action which ends tomorrow.

Inspector Rachel Walmsley from Sudbury SNT added: “By working together we are hoping to improve the visual appearance of Sudbury Town Centre and the quality of life for those who live, work and travel through the area.”