Police introduce dispersal zone to tackle nuisance drivers in Stonebridge

The police have introduced a dispersal zone to tackle nuisance drivers who have been congregating around an industrial estate in Stonebridge.

Along with Brent Council, officers have created a zone bordered by Rainsford Road, Twyford Abbey Road, Abbey Road, Coronation Road and Lakeside Drive and covering roads and the industrial estate within it.

It follows complaints from residents and businesses about people loitering in large groups, threatening behaviour and noise pollution from the revving of motorbikes.

Sgt Mark Kelly from Stonebridge safer neighbourhoods team (SNT) said a number of incidents had been reported to his team and Hanger Hill’s SNT.

He said: “As the location primarily comprises an industrial estate some offenders may have believed that their behaviour was not affecting the wider community but it actually has had a profound effect on the lives of Brent residents.”

People found causing anti-social behaviour in the dispersal area will be instructed to leave and not return for 24 hours.

If they return and continue to cause problems, they can be arrested.

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The zone was introduced on Thursday and will run until January.

Anyone found guilty of contravening a direction under a dispersal order can face up to three months imprisonment or a fine of up to £2,500.