Plans for Spurs to play their games at Wembley Stadium raises safety concerns

Spurs will play their home games at Wembley Stadium (Photo by Tom Shaw/Getty Images)

Spurs will play their home games at Wembley Stadium (Photo by Tom Shaw/Getty Images) - Credit: Getty Images

A Premier League football club are to play their home games at Wembley Stadium but not everyone is happy about the decision.

Last week Tottenham Hotspur revealed they had reached a deal with the Football Association for their Champions League games to be played at the national stadium next season.

All their home games will also be played at Wembley the following season while a new £400million stadium is being built next to their existing home at White Hart Lane in Tottenham.

Spurs aim to move into the new 61,000-seater venue for the 2018 -19 season.

But the vice chairwoman of a residents association in Neasden has hit out at the deal, saying they were never consulted.

Brenda Linton, vice chair of the St Raphael’s Estate’ tenants association, said: “The FA has listened to the fans but they haven’t listened to us.

“The impact it will have on the estate - we already have problems after matches and big events with all the extra traffic, sometimes waiting for two hours just to get home. If you have Wembley Stadium and the arena on at the same time, like for XFactor, can you imagine how bad it gets here?

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“They need to put some consideration into what they are doing. The FA and Spurs, both should have consulted us.”

This season alone Spurs played 27 games at home and there are more than 50,000 people on the waiting list for season tickets.

Ms Linton added: “A footpath to the stadium leads into our estate and many people use that too.

“There will be more impact on the estate coming through. We have our own issues here, people live in fear on this estate. They don’t know what they are coming into. Anything could happen.”

A spokesman for Spurs said: “We shall be working with a number of stakeholders in the coming months as we prepare for our first Champions League match at Wembley Stadium including Wembley National Stadium Limited and the local council as we seek to ensure best practice is followed around such key areas as transport, stewarding and local community relations.”

The FA did not respond to the Times.

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