Petrol crisis: Brawls, long queues and empty stations across Brent

An empty Shell Petrol station by Kilburn Station

An empty Shell Petrol station by Kilburn Station - Credit: @LifeInKilburn

Panic buying has taken place across Brent and brawls have been reported as people fear petrol shortages.

Police were called to Blackbird Hill, Wembley, at 1.15am on Sunday, (September 26) to reports of a group of people involved in a fight at a petrol station.

Scotland Yard said officers attended and spoke with staff who reported that the group had left before police arrived.

Police reported a brawl at a petrol station in Blackbird Hill as people were panic buying all over London

Police reported a brawl at a petrol station in Blackbird Hill as people were panic buying all over London - Credit: Google

"No injuries were reported and no suspects were identified," a spokesperson added.

Elsewhere petrol queues were blocking roads in Wembley Park leading to people abandoning buses.

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Wembley resident Martin Francis said passengers had to abandon the 206 bus as car drivers would not give way to a bus.

"Whatever the reasons behind the queuing I was shocked that motorists one after the other, despite the bus driver's increasingly desperate requests by tooting and gesture to be allowed into the stream of traffic, refused to let him in," he said.

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"It would not have lost them their place in the queue as the bus was not going to fill up at the petrol station.

"They were being selfish and betraying a contempt for users of public transport."

Kilburn resident Agnes Peyser said on Monday that the Esso garage in Kilburn High Road has been "closed for three days".

 No petrol at Esso in Kilburn

No petrol at Esso in Kilburn - Credit: @LifeInKilburn

"I don't drive, however I have family [working for the NHS] who rely on their car to get to work for shifts at times where there is no public transport.

"I saw a marked reduction in traffic levels on Kilburn High Road this weekend, with far less "cruisers" showing off in their cars. 

"Makes a great difference for pedestrians and cyclists," she said.

"Every cloud has a silver lining, however more should be done to protect fuel availability for key workers, and disabled drivers who have no alternative mobility options, but to use their cars."

Pumps out of action at Shell Petrol station by Kilburn Station

Pumps out of action at Shell Petrol station by Kilburn Station - Credit: @LifeInKilburn

Several reports suggested that Boris Johnson could take the drastic step of sending in the army to drive oil tankers as “frenzied buying” added to fuel-supply issues caused by a lack of HGV drivers.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps has refused to rule out requesting military assistance, after queues for the pumps continued across the country at the weekend.

He urged motorists to be “sensible” and only fill up when necessary.

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan told Sky News: “We’re hearing stories across London of petrol stations running out of petrol.

“Our emergency services and our buses have enough and they have some in reserve, but we are hearing stories about care workers, people who work in hospitals who need their car to go to hospital, black cab drivers, private hire vehicle drivers not being able to fuel up and provide the services that our city needs but also to enable people to get to work.

“We are working with the DfT (Department for Transport) to do what we can to make sure we have fuel being provided particularly for those key workers across our city.”

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