Neasden neighbours' petition against parking and fines plan

Neighbours in Mitchellbrook Way oppose enforced parking restrictions on their estate

Neighbours in Mitchellbrook Way oppose enforced parking restrictions on their estate - Credit: Cynthia Stewart

A petition has been launched, calling for a housing association to halt plans for a new parking scheme.

Neighbours living on Mitchellbrook Estate, in Neasden, received a letter from Parking Control Management (PCM) on September 2 saying parking controls would begin on September 23.

Residents have accused Notting Hill Genesis (NHG), which manages the estate, of failing to consult with residents on the plans, not considering the impact of the scheme on individuals and a "wall of silence". 

The letter states that the scheme will operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week and permits will be available for one car per property, with no visitor permits. 

Failure to adhere to regulations will see residents fined £100 reduced to £60 if paid within two weeks.

Cynthia Stewart – who launched the petition, that has so far received 175 signatures – said the parking company hand delivered the letters and placed signage across the estate, before removing it a day later following complaints. 

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"No impact assessment was undertaken to assess how this parking scheme would impact those who residents with disabilities, depend on carers, deliveries, or utility companies who provide a service," she said.

"Residents are angry, and there has been no communication from NHG despite receiving numerous complaints from the residents."

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She said NHG has shared addresses with the company – something NHG denies.

"We are asking for NHG to suspend the parking scheme and meet with the residents to agree a way forward but we have received no response," said Cynthia.

"We are being met with a wall of silence and have no idea what will happen next." 

A spokesperson for NHG said parking restrictions are needed as "there have been issues with parking and abandoned vehicles", as well as issues with access for emergency vehicles.

They said: "We are yet to instruct any parking regulation companies to carry out work on our behalf. We recently engaged a company called PCM in conversation about our needs to gauge whether or not they would be viable. PCM have since erected signs around the estate without our permission.

"We’d like to apologise for the confusion this must have caused and reassure our residents that no parking regulations are currently in place."

They continued: "We want to reassure residents that parking regulations will not come in to effect on the Mitchellbrook estate until we have had a chance to speak to a few different parking enforcement companies, consulted with residents and taken their feedback in to consideration."

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