People encouraged to bring cooking oil to Parlour restaurant for recycling

Jesse Dunford Wood and Michael Stuart are encouraging residents to bring their cooking oil to Parlou

Jesse Dunford Wood and Michael Stuart are encouraging residents to bring their cooking oil to Parlour restaurant for recycling - Credit: Archant

A Kilburn-based resident has set up an experimental scheme to collect used cooking oil for conversion into biofuel.

Michael Stuart, 56, is encouraging all cooks to bring used oil to the Parlour restaurant in Regent Street, Kensal Green so it can be taken away for recycling.

Mr Stuart, who is collaborating with Parlour owner Jesse Dunford Wood, 39, said there is no way to dispose of cooking oil responsibly besides taking it to the recycling centre.

Mr Dunford Wood said: “It is great to make links with the local community; it is part of what it is we do here and I want to continue that.”

He added: “I do not think that is right and if we come up with a plan, all the better.

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“It is very simple and straightforward and makes all kinds of sense, and there is no excuse for why it shouldn’t happen.”

With a background in volunteering and managing community projects, Mr Stuart, who currently volunteers with Transition Town Kensal to Kilburn, a local environmental group, hopes the scheme can be rolled out across the country if it is a success.

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He believes the biofuel produced is most likely mixed with other fuels once converted, and said that all petrol and diesel sold in the UK has to include a ratio of 4.75% biofuel to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The scheme has been active for only two weeks, and both are hoping with time that more and more cooks take the opportunity to deposit their oil at Parlour.

Parlour is open from 10am to midnight, Tuesday to Sunday.

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