Passionate staff will fight to tell stories despite funding woes, says Tricycle

Gina McKee will star in Florian Zeller's new play, The Mother. Picture: PA

Gina McKee will star in Florian Zeller's new play, The Mother. Picture: PA - Credit: PA Archive/Press Association Images

The Tricycle Theatre follows up its success earlier this year with Florian Zeller’s The Father by staging his new play starring acclaimed actress Gina McKee.

Like its predecessor, which opened in the West End to five star reviews this month, The Mother is translated from the French by Christopher Hampton. It transfers from the Theatre Royal Bath in January.

McGee plays a lonely empty nester brooding upon her husband’s behaviour and longing for the return of her grown up son.

Other highlights of the season include artistic director Indhu Rubansingham directing the premiere of American writer Ayad Akhtar’s The Invisible Hand in May.

Set in rural Pakistan it concerns an American banker held by captors and awaiting his fate.

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Also in the season is quirky Irish one man show The Man in Woman’s Shoes written and performed by Mikel Murfi .

Set in 1978 this quirky tale follows the journey of Pat Farnon, into town and back again.

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Mark Thomas, a regular at the venue in Kilburn High Road returns with his latest blend of activism, theatre and stand up Tresspass.

Rubasingham admitted ongoing concerns over funding cuts meant she could not programme everything she wanted.

“The situation is really bad, not jut for the Tricycle but for theatre in general. In November we hear what DCMS future cuts are going to happen. A society that doesn’t value its arts is a sad society, but although we are under resourced we are people with passion. Everyone who works here is under paid and under resourced but we will always find a way to tell stories. No-one’s going to stop that. Maybe we will do less shows or work with small companies but we will always fight.”

The season runs from January 21 to July 2.

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