Sudbury estate residents slam council's parking plans

Rutherford Thomas

Rutherford Thomas says Brent Council is more interested in making money than improving their lives with its proposed parking restrictions - Credit: Adam Shaw

Families on a Sudbury estate say changes to their parking are more about making money for the council than improving their lives.  

Residents living in Elms Gardens said plans to introduce £50 annual parking permits would be “pointless” as they believe the current system works well. 

Brent Council is consulting on whether to introduce parking restrictions on many of its estates.

Rutherford Thomas, who occasionally puts his niece’s car in the Elms Gardens car park, said: “I’m sure if there’s a way for the council to make some money, they’ll find it. 

“People will just start parking on the street outside where it’s free, which could block it up even more – it doesn’t make sense.

“I don’t know why they’re considering it here as parking is not really a problem at the moment.

“If they wanted to do something, they could expand the car park as we have lots of space which isn’t used.”

Rutherford’s neighbours agreed that introducing a new system would be a mistake. 

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Dahir Herse said: “Hardly anybody who doesn’t live here comes and parks anyway – and when they do, it’s fine. 

“It would be unfair to make us pay for permits – everybody in the block thinks this, we’ve sent this off to the council.”

John Raymond said he enjoys the current set-up as it contributes to community spirit with everyone looking out for each other.

“At the end of the day, if there’s not a problem there, why would you try and create one?" he said. 

“Is it about making money? Possibly. But it would be pointless doing it here because it works fine. 

“We all know each other so we all know who’s parking where and when. If one person leaves for a bit, another might be able to use their space and then they’ll move on later.”

There are currently six parking spaces serving 16 flats in Elms Gardens. 

According to Brent Council, a resident permit system would enable it to give fines to people parking inconsiderately or taking up spaces reserved for those living on the estates. 

It added this will lead to improved access for emergency vehicles and council services such as bin collections. 

It is unclear whether there would be an option for visitors to purchase temporary permits, leaving them to either find spaces elsewhere or risk getting a ticket. 

Brent Council has been contacted for comment.