Parents put on red alert after alleged attempted abduction in Queen’s Park

Parents are being told to be on their guard

Parents are being told to be on their guard - Credit: Archant

The parenting community have been put on red alert following reports of an alleged attempted abduction in Queen’s Park.

A Willesden mother claims she frantically chased after a man who had walked off with a buggy - containing her daughter after taking her eyes off it for a split second to look at some food in the Farmers Market at Salusbury Road Primary School, in Salusbury Road.

The man, described as “very well spoken” fairly tall in his late 70s, allegedly laughed off the situation, claiming he wasn’t actually going to run off with her child.

The woman wrote on her Facebook page: “Can’t remember what he said then, I was numb and confused. I am so angry with myself because I didn’t challenge him and when I got my brain into gear and decided I would take a photo of him & speak to him I couldn’t find him anywhere.”

She continued: “Anyway, I have learned a lot from this and wanted to make as many people aware as possible so we can keep our precious little ones safe.”

Tarranbrae Residents Association, which operates from a block of residential properties, in Willesden Lane, have put up posters warning residents to be extra vigilant following the disturbing incident.

Maple Walk School, in Crownhill Road, Harlesden, have followed suit by sending the story to their parents; while St Charles RC Primary School, in St Charles Square, Paddington, has gone one step further and issued letters.

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Sharmine M. Chowdhury-Tse, who runs Bumps and Babies and Busy Rascals children’s groups, at Queensbury Pub in Walm Lane, told the Times that news comes as a shock.

She said: “Back in my day, we used to play outside without worrying that something is going to happen to us. It brings home the fact that you can’t take your child even for a moment.”

“We have to be vigilant all the time, which can be hard if you have toddlers who do run off.”

DI Gail Steele of Brent CID said: “We would like to reassure the Brent community that there is no cause for alarm at that this time. There is no evidence to suggest that the child was deliberately being removed from their mother.

She added: “If you have any concerns then please dial 101 or in an emergency 999.”

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