Outstanding A-level results at Capital City Academy in Willesden

A level students at Capital City Academy

A level students at Capital City Academy - Credit: Archant

Students at Capital City Academy shot to the top of the class today with outstanding A-level grades.

Paul Sanchez of Capital City Academy

Paul Sanchez of Capital City Academy - Credit: Archant

Alex Thomas, principal of the school in Doyle Gardens, Willesden, said: “We are very excited to have received such a fantastic set of A-level results.

“The big improvement, with over half the grades A*-B, was especially pleasing.

“Well done to all the students and staff who have worked so hard to achieve this.

“Particular praise goes to Liviu Guiran and Diamond Abdulrahim who are going to Cambridge University and Hebaq Hassan who is going to read chemistry at Oxford University.”

Capital City Academy’s head boy, Liviu Giuran, 18, from Harlesden, will be heading to Cambridge after achieving three A grades in philosophy and ethics, psychology and history.

“I’m happy but I was hoping for A stars,” said Liviu who missed out on an A* in the ethics part of philosophy and ethics by just one mark.

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Liviu said he is looking forward to going away to university and being independent.

On his future career, Liviu said he may go into in diplomacy or investment banking

Joshua Marcinkowski, 18, from Queen’s Park, earned A grades in maths, chemistry and physics. “It was okay, but I was hoping for A stars, but I wasn’t banking on them.”

He also achieved AS levels in maths (A) and biology (B) and will study chemical engineering at Birmingham University.

“I’m happy I got into the university I wanted,” he added.

Paul Sanchez, 19, from Willesden, was happy to get distinction stars all round in business and double sport.

“I was kind of expecting it,” said Paul.

“I’m pretty pleased.”

Paul is spending a year at Capital City Academy on a sports leaders apprenticeship before studying sports science at St Mary’s University in Twickenham.

He hopes to be a personal sports trainer in the future.