Opinions divided over Brent Council’s new logo

Town hall scraps 47-year-old crest in favour of a new design

Opinion has been split on Brent Council’s new logo since it was introduced.

Last week the Times reported that Brent Council had scrapped their 47-year-old crest in favour of a new design.

The traditional coat of arms and the ‘forward together’ motto were dropped in favour of the new effort designed to reflect a modern day Brent.

But some residents, less than impressed at the multi coloured effort, submitted their own attempts at representing the borough.

Jess Abbo, a Kingsbury resident and illustrator, was reminded of a logo he had previously drawn for local amateur dramatics group the Madhatters.

The design, which has the word ‘Brentski’ emblazoned across it, was originally used for their performance of Nikolai Gogol’s play The Government Inspector.

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The play centres on the corrupt officials of a small Russian town and their attempts to cover up their misdeeds when they are investigated.

Mr Abbo, 56, told the Times: “I thought it was a bit of fun really, seeing the new logo suddenly reminded me of it.

“The new logo is so bland I am not even sure what it represents.”

Martin Francis, Wembley residents and Green Party member, thought the libraries issue was more pressing and created a design of a burning book with the words ‘Brent against the people’.

He said: “The new logo could be from any one of those companies who you don’t know what they are or what they represent.

“I think my new design is fairly self explanatory.”

Martin Redston, a member of the Keep Willesden Green Library Campaign, said: “It is appalling.

“Brent Council’s coat of arms is a historic and proud insignia, but I assume Brent don’t want to keep anything historic/heritage.

“Finally, whatever happened to the motto ‘Forward Together’. Presumably this is not the modern ethos of Brent.”

However, the logo did win the support of campaign group Save Barham Library who tweeted: “Council boss said in house job only cost �2,000, good to see the councils trying to save money. Not a bad job.”