Opinion: Town hall isn’t so hard up as all that


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Election fever has gripped Brent’s politicians, but has it gripped its residents?

Over the last four years council tax has increased by 13 per cent - totally unnecessary. We pledge a freeze over the next four years.I have consistently argued that Brent Labour has treated its residents with contempt in its distortion of the borough’s finances.

Brent will receive £122m from new government funding arrangements in 2018/19. On top of that the business rates pilot projects another £6.5m. On top of that £8.9m from New Homes Bonus. On top of that £20m+ from Public Health Grant. This cumulative total of £157.4m is equivalent to around £500 per head.

In addition, there are other specific government grants to Brent.

I recognise that some readers will be asleep by now with all those figures! However, Labour perpetuates the myth of a far lower funding figure per head .

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What is the legacy of Labour since 2014 -

• broken and unfair planning system

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• found guilty of race discrimination at an employment tribunal

• sold Bridge Park to offshore companies

• pledged £300m to property dealer company to buy up properties throughout UK

• asbestos scandal at Paddington Cemetery

• crumbling roads and potholes

• fly tipping epidemic

Brent needs to spend money on infrastructure - on housing, schools, digital, roadways, pavements. It is frustrating that money is set aside for this but remains unspent. The capital programme over the past four years is underspent by over £100m...crazy!

We have strong candidates throughout Brent with strong local manifestos... we are up for the fight!

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