Times letters: Care homes during coronavirus pandemic

Boris Johnson has accused care homes of failing to follow coronavirus guidelines.

Boris Johnson has accused care homes of failing to follow coronavirus guidelines. - Credit: PA

Letters, contributions and comments sent in from Times’ readers this week.

Blaming the care homes

Cllr Ahmad Shahzad OBE, Mapesbury Ward, chair of the task group of community and wellbeing scrutiny, writes:

Yesterday, Boris Johnson accused care homes of failing to follow the coronavirus guidelines. He meant that as a result thousands of people died (blaming carers for deaths in care homes).

If I remember correctly, it was the government who forced care homes to take in about 25,000 people without testing them before sending them to care homes.

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The government failed to provide PPE or other equipment to care homes. In fact carers in care homes worked under very dangerous and difficult circumstances, putting their lives and their families’ lives in danger. That’s why hundreds of carers caught the virus and died while saving other’s lives,.

They worked without PPE or necessary equipment (I know many people who bought PPE privately so that they could continue jobs in hospitals or care homes).

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The prime minister was clapping them few weeks ago, before now all of sudden he is accusing them of causing extra deaths. How can you trust this government which twists facts when they are caught lying?

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