Nurse from Colindale slams prime minister in televised EU debate

Nurse Shanae Dennis challenged David Cameron during a live televised EU referendum debate (pic: ITV

Nurse Shanae Dennis challenged David Cameron during a live televised EU referendum debate (pic: ITV) - Credit: Archant

A nurse from Colindale is urging young people to vote in the European referendum after grilling the prime minister on national television. Shanae Dennis, who lives in Nobel Close, slammed David Cameron for axing nurses’ grants during The EU Referendum Debate on ITV last week.

The 23-year-old, who works in the oncology departments in Hammersmith Hospital, said: “The reason I was picked out is because I think they were struggling with getting a voice from young people.

“I wanted to know what plans there were with the NHS because next year he’s taking away student grants and bursaries but he contradicts himself. When he said stay in the EU because people come here to work and we’ve got good nurses, I had to tell him if you want more nurses why are you making it so hard for home grown talent?”

Ms Dennis, who has a two-year-old son Jayden with partner Alex Davidson, interrupted the prime minister twice as he tried to say the government had pledged an extra £12bn towards the NHS.

She added: “It was a once in a lifetime opportunity for me. I thought he’s right there listening to me. He’s so good at waffling and intimidating people, he’s thought out all these facts about the NHS but I work in it. He doesn’t have to deal with patients day to day, letting people down, telling them ‘sorry you can’t have an MRI scan, sorry you can’t have this, you can’t have that.’ I am the front line and he had to listen to me. Maybe I was a bit feisty but he needed that.”

Following the debate she said she would definitely vote when the EU referendum takes place on June 23.

She said: “I was thinking the UK should come out to control freedom of movement into it but after the debate I’m on the fence now. I don’t know if I want these politicians to have full rein of my country. The good thing about being in the EU is they have to answer to someone.

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“I also saw this as a good opportunity to inspire people in my own community, we all need to get involved in what goes on, and this shows that you can get that close to politicians and give it to them.”