Number of hit and run incidents in Brent fell in the last year

Borough bucks London wide figures which have seen an increase

The number of hita nd run incidents in Brent have fallen despite an increase across London as a whole.

According to figures released by Jenny Jones, London Assembly Member for the Green Party, in 2011 there were 100 hit and run accidents in the borough.

This figure was down from 107 in 2010 but up from 2009 when the number was just 78 accidents.

None of the accidents in Brent in 2011 were fatal, but eight were classed as serious while 92 were described as slight.

The figures also show that in the past three years the number of collisions across London has risen from 3,090 in 2009 to 3,535 in 2011.

The latest total equates to around 68 people per week being involved in hit and run accidents across the capital.

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A spokesman for Brent Council told the Times they have a ‘very good’ record on road safety.

He added: “The council won an award in 2011 after the number of people injured in road accidents in Brent fell by nearly 60 per cent which was the biggest reduction in London.

“The success has been achieved through a wide range of activity - including road safety training in schools, targeted campaigns, and the introduction of 20mph zones, CCTV enforcement and schemes to encourage safer cycling.”