‘Nightmare’ roadworks in Queen’s Park dubbed a safety hazard

Traders claim shoppers are driven away by gas works in Kilburn Lane

Furious traders in Queens Park have claimed that “nightmare” roadworks outside their shops are causing a loss in trade and have become a health and safety hazard.

The gas works, in Kilburn Lane, which runs between Brent and Westminster, began months ago but traders claim they are being kept in the dark as to when they will finish.

Majed Atwi, who works at the Lebanon Gate supermarket, said his shop had suffered as a result of the works.

He told the Times: “There was absolutely nowhere to park and no-one come into the shop. Obviously we lost a lot of trade.”

Rose Foster, who works at Richard Bruce Estate Agents, lives in neighbouring Herries Street which is currently blocked off.

She said: “There are so many children playing in Herries Street and I dread to think of one of them falling into the huge holes. Who knows what is down there – glass, electric wires. It’s absolute madness and is very dangerous.”

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Ino Canto, who works at TM Motors, also had gas works outside his garage.

He said: “It was a complete nightmare at rush hour every afternoon. We had to go out to people’s houses as they could not get their cars to us.

“I don’t understand why they could not have done it in the summer when school was out. Now the school run means the road is blocked all afternoon.”

Cllr Barrie Taylor, a Queen’s Park councillor for Westminster, called for an authority to take responsibility.

He said: “There needs to be simple site supervision. Everybody is blaming each other.”

Several major buses run down the road, one of which goes to Central Middlesex Hospital in Acton Lane, Harlesden and Cllr Taylor claims the traffic jams are affecting residents’ ability to make appointments.

Westminster Council, Brent Council and the National Grid all failed to respond to the Times’ requests for comments.