New tenants create a buzz in Brent Cross Shopping Centre

Brent Cross is home to bee colonies

Brent Cross is home to bee colonies - Credit: Archant

Thousands of new tenants at a shopping centre have created a buzz for visitors.

A colony of 50,000 bees have moved into Brent Cross Shopping Centre as part of their pledge to help the environment.

The centre’s boss have set up a hive on a quiet corner in their bid to help turn the decline in bee populations across the UK.

Teresa Walden, the centre’s commercialisation manager, has become the first official Brent Cross Beekeeper.

She said: “We are constantly trying to think of ways to mitigate potential impacts on the environment and given the decline in the bee population and the catastrophic effect this could have on fruit and vegetable production we thought it would be a positive move to introduce bee colonies.

“By having them here we are doing our bit to help the North London bee population and ensuring vegetation in the area thrives rather than declines.”

The centre also aim to triple the number of hive in the next 12 months and start producing Brent Cross honey that will be tasty enough to sell in the malls.