New radio station hits the air waves uniting all corners of Chalkhill’s community

The team at Chalkhill Community Radio.

The team at Chalkhill Community Radio. - Credit: Archant

A new radio station is hitting the airwaves in Wembley that will not only connect the community but also give all those with DJ dreams a chance to get involved.

After a year of intensive outreach work the Chalkhill Community Radio will launch next week with a host of different programmes to make it inclusive for its audience and providers.

Listeners will be able to tune in to music, culture, local news and issue, talk shows and much more as the station grows.

Over the past 12 months, 30 people from the area have been trained as radio presenters, learning studio production, branding and IT skills.

The station has also affiliated itself with a diverse range of organisations such as Chalkhill Primary School, Boys In the Hillz – a music collective for 16 to 30-year-olds, the Wembley Somalian Information Group and the Yellow Pavillion in Wembley Park.

Committees are also involved including the Chalkhill Community Centre and Love Chalkhill Festival Committee.

A spokesman said: “It’s more of a talking station than a rave one, and will feature community groups, councillors, residents talking about the area.

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“It’s all aiming to try and get the community more connected.”

Kathleen Fraizer, chairwoman of Chalkhill Residents Association, who was at a soft launch last month, said: “This is a great new initiative which can only benefit the community and encourage community cohesion.”

The radio station received funding from the Metropolitan Housing Trust in June 2017, to train and up skill local people to be involved.

The aim is to support community groups with opportunities to voice their opinions on issues of concern, help local community groups reach a wider audience and help raise awareness of local services and information.

Initially the station will broadcast two days per week on a Wednesday and Saturday, with a number of shows already recorded, such as an interview with council leader Cllr Mohammed Butt.

He said the station was “a fantastic initiative for the community, I hope it proves a great success.”

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