New free school proposed for Wembley Central

Pupils sat GCSE exams last summer

Pupils sat GCSE exams last summer - Credit: PA Wire/Press Association Images

If approved it could be the second free school in the Wembley area

Wembley could have two free schools just a stones throw away from each other after an interest has been expressed in setting up a school in Wembley Central.

The school’s website, which says it will be called Gateway Academy, will claim to provide “well-rounded education that will equip today’s generation to compete in tomorrow’s world.”

If the plans are approved it could mean two free schools would be located in Wembley provided the Michaela Community School (MCS) is also given the green light to set up in Wembley Park.

Free school’s, which are championed by education secretary Michael Gove, can be controversial because it results in schools breaking away from local authority control.

In order to set up a new free school the Department for Education (DfE) has to be provided with ample evidence that a school is needed with support of parents.

MCS, which is being spearheaded by former teacher and free school supporter Katharine Birbalsingh, claim to have secured premises at Arena House in North End Road.

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It is not certain where the Gateway Academy would be located but it is believed to be close to the High Road and would be open for pupils from year 7 to A-level age.

In addition, the site of Brent Town Hall in nearby Forty Lane will be converted into a French school after the council move operations to the new civic centre.

The Gateway Academy website adds: “Education is in many ways an introduction into the world of employment and it is essential that our students leave school fully equipped to deal with the demands and challenges that employment immediately brings.

“We therefore seek to equip our students with the skills, abilities, knowledge and experiences necessary to prepare them for this transition and this shall be a focus of the school.”

Gateway Academy has been contacted for comment.