The Charity Run Music Centre Creating Opportunities for Children

Founded in Lewisham, this non-profit youth charity and lead organisation for the music education hub in Lewisham, has the mission of making young people across the community of Lewisham, and allowing music to be accessible to everyone in Lewisham rather than a select few. This place allows an expansive range of people into their environment (from 5 - 18) where they can learn a musical instrument of any style be it jazz to rock, or from classical to modern pop. Each person can learn music to their heart's content despite their lack of experience and kindles the child's passion which would of never been realised without this opportunity. 


With equity, inclusion and diversity being their primary priority, the Lewisham community truly seeks people of varying backgrounds, be they poor or rich, to be able to find a sense of individual self-worth and collective identity. This ideology truly resembles the diverse environment in which the charity organisation is held where each person can achieve something that they did not expect that they were capable of, showing the fundamental value that this charity-run music school has on the young community. This is shown through each of the children's optimistic attitude as they travel to the music centre excited for the events that await them in the centre.