Much-loved community artist from Stonebridge dies at the age of 49

David Bailey has died at the age of 49

David Bailey has died at the age of 49 - Credit: Archant

A much loved and respected artist from Stonebridge who dedicated his life to charitable events has died of cancer.

David Bailey at his exhbition in Wembley last year

David Bailey at his exhbition in Wembley last year - Credit: Archant

David Anthony Bailey who lived in Crawford Street, was diagnosed with a brain tumour a year ago and lost his battle last week.

The 49-year-old loved to draw in pen and also loved to paint on faces, bring joy to hundreds of children in Great Ormond Street Hospital and festivals like the Notting Hill Carnival.

His younger sister Maxine Bailey, 48, said: “He was always on the go but very serious about his art. He has always loved drawing. He’d sit on the bus with his little pad and draw whatever would come to his mind.”

Mr Bailey moved to Stonebridge from Northampton when he was 10 and remained there all his life.

A pupil at Aylestone Community School which was merged with others to form Queens Park Community School in Aylestone Road, Brondesbury, he went on to study art and design at University College London.

“He did a lot of charity work, face painting with kids, printing t-shirts and also painted a mural in the West End,” said Ms Bailey.

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Last year Mr Bailey showcased his talents at an exhibition in Wembley, which was attended by hundreds of people.

His sister added: “He only ever did one offs. If you’ve got a painting of David’s he must have thought very highly of you as he only ever painted one copy. I know a lot of people who have a piece of David’s art work. He was very well liked by a lot of people. Not one person has a bad for him.

“He was a really lovely guy, drawing was his passion.”

Cleon Rodney, Godfather to his children, said: “David was like a brother to me. He was one of the most intelligent and articulate guys I know. He got on with everybody. I don’t know anyone who has one bad word about him and he will be missed very dearly by everybody.”

He added: “We grew up together on the Stonebridge estate. He was Godfather to my son and I was Godfather to his kids. He did so much work for charities and kids and never asked for anything back and if he was on the phone now, he’d have one hand holding the receiver and the other he’d be doodling with a pen and piece of paper. Whenever you see him, it’s always with a pen and paper.”

Kitty Corbin, a singer, said: “David and I were good friends for three decades. He was a sincere and genuine person who was caring as he demonstrated this in his dedication for children and the community devoting his time to several charity organisations.

“He was ever so talented with truly a special gift creating amazing pieces of artwork and drawings. He was a proud father and a mentor to many of the young men on the estate and beyond. He was a true friend who I will always hold dear to me. It was an honour to call him my friend/brother. May he Rest In Eternal Peace as he will be sorely missed.”

Maria Brown spoke for all her family when she said: “My condolences to the family, at this sad sad time. Gone but not forgotten RIP friend.”

Dawn Butler, parliamentary candidate for Brent Central, was shocked as she said: “Oh my. He was such a nice and generous man. He will be missed. He was at every Jamaica Day celebration and many children will have pictures on their faces which he painted. He made people really happy.”

Deborah Huggins, said: “I knew him and was at school with him at Aylestone Community School. I was so shocked to hear about his death. I’d like to send my condolences to the family and wish them peace at this time.”

Brenahia Hopwood,31, said: “My condolences to the family at this time. I was close to him and there are few people like him. He did a painting for me of a black African woman, so beautiful. I was one of the lucky ones. He was such a good person.”

Her younger sister Karlla, 21, said: “He was an amazing youth worker. He was really out there for his community. He was such a lovely person, it was a real shock to hear he’d gone.”

Patrick Edwards, gas servicer and musician, said: “He was a very good friend, He’ll be sadly missed by members of the community, his friends and his family.

“I grew up around Harlesden and Stonebridge, we’d play football together. At festivals he’d be face painting and I’d play the music. The kindness came from his heart, he never charged anybody, and he did it for free. He’ll be sadly missed by young and old.”

Mr Bailey leaves behind three children, daughter Tyehemba, 21 and sons Shakir, 19 and Lyes, 17.

His funeral has yet to be arranged.

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