Mother’s anger over son’s death as his murderer is sent to jail

Father-of-three was mowed down and killed outside his home

THE mother of a father-of-three who was mowed down and killed after an argument has spoken out about her anger over his death.

Joan Litchfield revealed she is still trying to come to terms with the murder of her 32-year-old son Garry Frater after his killer was convicted on Friday.

The Old Bailey heard Louis Tate followed Mr Frater 14 miles to his home after the pair clashed outside a nightclub in Watford.

Mr Frater, who grew up in the Chalkhill Estate in Wembley and was a former pupil of Claremont High school in Kenton, was killed outside his home in De Havilland Road, Edgware, on May 30 last year.

Tate, from Southall, west London, was sentenced to 18 years after he was found guilty in a retrial.

Ms Litchfield said: “Sitting through the trial has made me angrier.

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“Garry died unnecessarily. Whatever happens to the people who did this, no punishment can justify the taking of a life.

“Parents should not outlive their children, it’s just not how life is supposed to be.

“I am now left with a huge hole to try and fill. I am still really angry about Garry’s death.

“Not just at the people responsible, but that I didn’t have more time to spend with Garry.

“I do hope that in some small way by bringing these people to justice some sense can be made of what was a senseless act.”

Detective Inspector Andy Chalmers lead the murder hunt, he said: “It has been a long process to get to this conviction today, involving a very thorough investigation and two trials.

“I would like to thank Garry’s family and friends who have supported us throughout.”

A second man was acquitted of murder or manslaughter at trial at the Old Bailey in March.