Flood causes £5k worth of damage to Kilburn mosque

Eid ul Adha is celebrated from June 21-23. 

Eid ul Adha is celebrated from June 21-23. - Credit: Taj Uddin

Leaders of a mosque are counting the cost of a flood which caused an estimated £5,000 worth of damage. 
Kilburn and Hampstead Islamic Centre was submerged in seven inches of water following intense rainfall in London earlier this week. 
Secretary Taj Uddin said the carpet alone will cost £2,000 to replace, with valuable religious texts and important documents also ruined. 
He estimated the total cost of repairs would be four to five thousand, but fortunately, the building is insured. 
“We’re a small community so four, five thousand is too much for us,” Taj said. 
Having spent two days cleaning up following the flood, Taj said he thought they were only halfway through the clear up. 
They hope to hold this week’s Friday prayers and Eid ul Adha, an Islamic holiday between July 21-23, at the mosque despite the ruined carpet. 
Taj added: “For the time being we are trying to clean this carpet and put something on top for Friday. And after that we have to throw away all these things, all this carpet. 

Mosque secretary Taj Uddin has said the damage could take a while to sort

Mosque secretary Taj Uddin has said the damage could take a while to sort, but they would be open for Friday prayers. - Credit: Taj Uddin

A month's rain fell in just 24 hours in parts of London on Monday. Sewers filled up and overflowed in some areas, flooding homes and businesses. 
Alex Burkill, meteorologist at the Met Office, said: “Until July 13, the UK had had 55 per cent of its average July rainfall so it’s a bit wetter than average, but not significantly so.
“What is quite likely is as we go through next week, there may be an unsettled blip with the risk of some heavy and perhaps even thundery showers.
“But then as we head through the very end of the month and into August we should see more fine, sunny weather around, and it will be drier than average conditions.
“Whilst it won’t be bone dry all the time, I think we’re in for a warmer and more settled spell that will last a few weeks.”

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