Missing Kensal Green grandmother who suffers from dementia found by ‘miracle’ encounter

Lousie Prendergast, Charlotte Sones with Gina James and officers from Wembley's Response Team A at E

Lousie Prendergast, Charlotte Sones with Gina James and officers from Wembley's Response Team A at Euston Station - Credit: Archant

A chance coincidence may have saved the life of a grandmother with dementia who vanished from her home in Kensal Green.

Charlotte Sones discovered the whereabouts of her 83-year-old mother Gina James after receiving a social media message from a school friend she’d not seen in 30 years who said she was having a coffee with her in Euston Station.

Mrs James, who is reliant on medication following a brain tumour operation in 2014, vanished yesterday morning between 10.30am and 12.15pm between visits from her carer.

Charlotte was anxiously sitting with officers from Wembley’s Response Team A when she got a message on Facebook from old school friend Louise Prendergast, saying she was with her.

Charlotte said: “It’s so incredible. My mum’s had dementia for four years and I don’t honestly know how we would have found her. I wouldn’t have known to even go to Euston to look for her.

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“Louise lives in Wales and was passing through on her way to Stratford. My mum and I haven’t seen her for 30 years, what are the chances of that?”

Sirens blazing, blue lights flashing, officers drove Charlotte to the busy central station to reunite her with her mother and friend.

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“Euston station is open 24 hours and so busy. I don’t even know how my mum got there as she has real mobility issues. If she doesn’t take her medication she risks going into adrenal shock and into a coma. Euston has no closing time, there’s no-one who would think twice that she’s not where she’s supposed to be.”

A carer takes the grandmother-of-five to local charity Elders Voices in Mortimer Road three times a week. “It’s a lifeline for her. I wouldn’t be able to look after my mum without her wonderful carer,” said Charlotte. “It was absolutely critical we find her. I’d really like to thank the response team for acting so quickly. They were at my house within seven minutes of my calling them and were so sweet, taking down her details, what she was wearing.

“My mum’s a real flirt, she’s articulate, chatty and really convincing but the reality is she’s got no short term memory. She makes things up and people believe her. She told my friend I’d arranged for someone to meet her, but luckily Lou had seen my facebook posts, knew what she looked like and knew she had dementia.

“It’s just a fantastic thing to have happened. It’s like a miracle really.”

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