Mini Kingsbury Apprentices raise money for charity

Kingsbury primary school kids learn business skills at winter market

ENTERPRISING primary school kids set-up stall and turned a profit as they traded with each other at their winter market.

Alan Sugar would have been proud as the children, at Kingsbury Green Primary School, in Old Kenton Lane, Kingsbury, bought raw materials with a fixed budget before turning them into finished products ready for sale.

And in the true spirit of the season proceeds from the venture went to Children in Crisis, the school’s chosen charity that provides education to vulnerable children.

Danni Moszoro, Year 5 teacher at Kingsbury Green, said: “It was absolutely fantastic. The kids really enjoyed themselves. We raised �768.30 and its still coming in. The generosity of the kids was just amazing.”

The budding Apprentices were given �5 to buy materials before making them into cakes, cards and decorations.

Having worked out the costs and profit margins they marked out their pitches in the school hall, on Tuesday, December 7, and opened for business.

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A proud Miss Moszoro said: “It was planned by the children, run by the children, attended by the children and advertised by the children. They were proper little Alan Sugars.”