Opinion: Brent politicians should set an example

Cllr Michael Maurice believes that politicians should set an example.

Cllr Michael Maurice believes that politicians should set an example. - Credit: Archant

The lockdown, we are told, is easing but the Covid-19 virus which has effectively put the globe on hold is still with us and is not going away anytime soon.

In Brent, we have the highest number of Covid cases in the UK, especially amongst the BAME community, so it pains me to read in this paper that some Labour councillors attended a prayer meeting at the Hindu Temple in Ealing Road in the middle of June, when lockdown was still in force and all places of worship were supposed to be closed.

Then, the MP for Brent North, Barry Gardiner, attended a Black Lives Matter demonstration.

We politicians are charged with setting an example and people will think that if they can break the rules, so can we.

But that is exactly how the virus spreads.

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Barry Gardiner said when he went to the protest he had tested negative for the virus. But how does he know people near him haven’t got it? He could get infected by them, then go home and infect his family and they in turn could infect others.

Turning to the protests, what happened to George Floyd was a terrible crime. I’m not surprised that it caused a global uprising, because over the decades the Black community have been treated unfairly and discriminated against, so I applaud them for taking a stand.

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They have contributed a lot to society. But the BLM movement has been taken over by radicals from the hard left who do not help the cause.

Anger has stemmed from when Black people were the victims of the crimes of slavery. They are, thankfully, not slaves now. There is a saying: You mustn’t blame the son for the sins of the father.

Today’s society cannot be held responsible for the actions of their forefathers. Those crimes must never be forgotten and the perpetrators cannot ever be forgiven, but they are long since dead. We must learn from this to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

Yes Black lives matter, but so does every life, whatever their creed, colour, religion or sexual orientation.

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