Man rescued from fire in Stonebridge flat after leaving food cooking

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Neighbours call fire brigade after hearing smoke alarm

A man has been taken to hospital following a fire at a flat in Stonebridge this morning (Fri) after his quick thinking neighbours alerted the fire brigade.

The man was found asleep in a smoke filled property in Hillside in the early hours of the morning, a pan on the hob had been left on but his neighbours alerted the brigade after hearing a smoke alarm.

Around 14 fire fighters and two fire engines from Park Royal and Wembley fire stations were called to the scene at around 4am.

The fire was put out by 4.30am with the flat suffering partial damage from the blaze.

Russell Colley, watch manager from Park Royal fire station was at the scene.

He said: “We broke down the door of the flat and found a man asleep and the flat completely full of smoke.

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“The smoke alarm probably saved this man’s life because he would have carried on breathing in smoke if people hadn’t been alerted to the fire.

“This fire also shows why it’s crucial that you should never leave cooking unattended. “We shall be going back to give advice on fire safety to all the residents who live in the flats.”

The man was treated for smoke inhalation at the scene and taken to hospital by the London Ambulance Service as a precautionary measure.