Man puts lives at risk by filming firefighters as they tackle blaze in Stonebridge

Fire crews were called to Stonebridge (Pic: Twitter@LFB)

Fire crews were called to Stonebridge (Pic: Twitter@LFB) - Credit: Archant

A man put lives at risk by obstructing fire crews in Stonebridge so he could film them tackling a blaze on his mobile phone.

The unnamed resident has been slammed for his actions which took place after he was rescued from the four-storey block of flats which was on fire.

Fire chiefs are warning people to put ‘their safety before their smart phones’.

A spokesman from the London Fire Brigade said: “Firefighters got the man safely out of the building but he was endangering himself and putting everyone else around him, including our fire crews, at risk.

“The time that they spent getting him out of the building could have affected the speed with which they dealt with the fire and any other residents in the block who needed their help.

“Living in a flat is not more dangerous than living in a house, but it’s important to know that your fire plan should be different.

“The one thing you certainly shouldn’t be doing though is standing next to the fire filming firefighters as they deal with it.

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“People must consider safety before their smart phones!”

Around 20 firefighters and four fire engines were called to the fire in a four-storey block on Monday night after a bed frame and bedding left in a hallway on the second floor caught alight.

Around 50 people escaped before fire crews arrive and three women were led to safety and treated for smoke inhalation by paramedics.

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