Looters strike in Kilburn and Kingsbury

Jewellers and phone shop targeted

Looters targeted a phone shop in Kilburn and two jewellers in Kingsbury as the copycat rampages sweep across London.

In the early hours of this morning a series of incidents have taken place across the borough including the mowing down of a police officer in Wembley.

Robbers are believed to have fled with thousands of pounds worth of stock from Vodafone in Kilburn High Road after they smashed their way in.

Two family-owned jewellers in Kingsbury Road were also targeted by looters.

The police officer, who is in a stable condition, was run over by looters who had tried to break into Comet electrical store in Fulton Road, Wembley.

However they fled empty-handed after they failed to smash the store has reinforced security shutters.

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Cllr Lincoln Beswick MBE, Brent Council’s lead member for crime and community safety, has condemned the looting taking place in the borough, London and other major cities including Bristol, Liverpool and Birmingham.

He said: “This is complete criminality. The livelihoods of people are being demolished right in front of us. It is pure criminal.”