London 2012: Win Paralympic tickets to see legacy venues in Olympic Park

London24 is giving away 250 tickets to the Paralympic Games in partnership with the London Legacy Development Corporation (LLDC).

The body will be in charge of the Olympic Park after the Games, when it will be renamed the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

Here, LLDC chairman Daniel Moylan writes about the future of the Park, and the ticket giveaway.

“As we get ever closer to the start of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, we are constantly reminded that the world will be watching as all eyes turn to London. After years of planning, building and training, London is ready.

“Yet for Londoners, the legacy of London 2012 extends far beyond the closing ceremonies. When the world goes home in September, work begins in earnest to transform the Olympic site into the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park for the people of east London.

“The 18 months from the end of the Games will see the Park transform into a brand new piece of the city. By spring 2014, the 560 acre Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park will become an exciting new community park and visitor destination, unlike any other in the UK.

“The creation of the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park will be one of the biggest construction projects in Europe but, more importantly, it will be a piece of London that is shaped by the community in and around it. Above all, the Park will offer something for everyone, whether you want a place to take your children swimming at weekends, go to school, walk your dog or go to a festival in the summer.

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“It will be no ordinary park. State-of-the-art venues and attractions will sit amongst homes, schools and businesses – all set alongside open green spaces and waterways in the heart of London’s East End. From everyday activities to world class events, there will always be something exciting going on, whether you want to be entertained or simply recharge.

“We want Londoners to enjoy the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park as soon as possible so it will open in phases, giving Londoners access to each part of the site as soon as it is ready. We’ll be the first host city to apply this phased approach to opening the Park post-Games and all our efforts are geared towards getting it into the hands of Londoners as quickly as possible.

“Yet before the transformation come the Games. Starting as we mean to go on, we’re giving thousands of Londoners access to the Olympic Park by offering residents of the city’s 33 boroughs the chance to win tickets to the London 2012 Paralympic Games.

“Through our A Day in the Park initiative, 10,000 Londoners will enjoy what we hope will be the first of many visits to the future Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, and start to see what this new part of London has to offer.”