Wembley traders claim business is being driven away by Mobile CCTV cars

Shoppers are being put off by parking clampdown

Mobile CCTV cars which snoop on motorists are killing off businesses, Wembley traders have said.

After the Times reported that Brent Council cars are breaking the rules to fine other drivers, it sparked anger across the borough.

Traders in Wembley claim the cars wait on double yellow lines for up to two hours outside their shops, putting people off visiting the area.

The council has also introduced pay and display machines across all shopping areas, costing motorists 60p for 20 minutes, �1.50 for 40 and �2.40 for an hour.

Sheraz Virk, 29, whose uncle owns Anuk Supermarket, in Forty Avenue, Wembley, said: “I have seen the CCTV car sit in the same spot on a double yellow line for a good two hours.”

Reza Sadeghian, 51, from Sudbury owns Soap and Suds Dry Cleaners. He said: “They are parking on double yellow lines for two hours. It is damaging my business.

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“We have begged the council to let drivers park for half an hour free. But it has not listened. The CCTV cars shouldn’t be waiting there to catch people out. They are supposed to be mobile.”

Pravin Gadhia, 55, owner of the Post Office, said: “People just want to buy a 30p paper or quickly pick up a parcel and yet they are being forced to use the pay and display machine.

“If they don’t they are caught out by the CCTV car. It’s disgusting. There has been a massive decline in trade and the council is not helping.”

Councillor Reg Colwill, Conservative, accused the Labour-run council of entrapment and destroying people’s livelihoods.

The council claims its vehicles have only been monitoring Forty Lane for an average of 15 minutes per day, issuing an average of six penalty notices.