Plans emerge for 515 flats in 32-storey Wembley building

Stonebridge Place in Wembley

Stonebridge Place in Wembley - Credit: Avanton

Residents in Wembley fear plans for a 32-storey tower block near their homes could make them feel like they are “living in the middle of a building site”.

They are concerned about plans for a new development across three buildings at the Wembley Point site in Harrow Road. 

Developer Canada Israel UK hopes to invest £2.5million at the site, providing 515 flats – of which around a third will be deemed affordable – alongside new shops, a café and a gym. If approved, it will be built next to the 21-storey WEM Tower, which was also developed by Canada Israel. 

But some of those living in WEM Tower have suggested they were unaware of the plans to build further tower blocks next to their homes. They said it should have been made clearer when they agreed to move in as it could end up having a negative impact on their lives. 

Posting on Brent Council’s planning portal, one objector wrote: “I am currently a resident of WEM Tower and was not informed about the construction or planned construction of two additional buildings. 

“If these are built this will cause a lot of noise for the many of us who work from home and disadvantage us as it was not something we were informed of or could have anticipated."

They added that people might have signed long-term contracts which means they might not be able to move once the construction has started. 

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Another objector also living in WEM Tower wrote: “We even asked what the plan is for the outside space and we were still not informed of any further building works or constructions to take place outside the building. 

“It will be extremely disruptive for us to live in the middle of a building site, whilst paying a lot of money to live here. 

“We would not have agreed to our contract at WEM Tower had we been given this information prior to moving in. 

“It will create excessive noise, disruption, dust, dirt, fumes pollution from the construction work that would lead to health issues and exacerbate existing ones like asthma."

Gil Selzer, managing director of Canada Israel UK, said the planned development would mark “the next step in Canada Israel’s international expansion plans” and help build “a strong real estate presence in the London property market”.

A Canada Israel spokesperson said: "Canada Israel have corresponded with all tenants of Wembley Point to make them aware that there is a plan to further develop the area, which is a multi-year process. 

"Tenants have been advised that there will be no construction – in no scenario – before summer 2023. 

"Tenants have also been advised that it is also possible that the proposed development may not even take place then. 

"The Stonebridge Park station is expected to develop in coming years, bringing new shops, gyms, cafes, bars, and new homes. 

"If consented this regeneration work would be a natural progression of London in general, and the local area in particular, which Canada Israel welcome and want to be a part of, but the impact in the short to mid term is expected to be negligible."