Wembley councillor refuses to disclose where she lives after moving out of Brent

Labour politican can continue to claim more than �10,000 in allowances

A second councillor can continue to claim thousands of pounds in allowances despite moving out of the borough and refusing to disclose where she lives.

Cllr Judith Beckman has vowed to continue her duties as a Labour councillor in the Barnhill ward in Wembley even though she has moved out her Wembley home.

This revelation comes a week after Cllr Rev David Clues also pledged to carry on as the only Liberal Democrat councillor in the Dudden Hill ward in Willesden, despite moving to a church in Brighton almost 80 miles away.

In a further twist Cllr Beckman, who point blank refused to say where she now lives, will be able to claim a basic councillor’s allowance of �7,974 plus a further �2,113 Special Responsibility Allowance (SRA) as she is on three committees in the council.

After confirming to the Times that she had moved out of the borough but not where to, she added: “I have no intention of stepping down, I have no need to.

“I’m coming down for a meeting on Wednesday (yesterday) and I’ll be coming back regularly for meetings.

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“I’m not the only councillor who lives out of the borough.”

On Brent Council’s website the Labour Group Office in Brent Town hall is published as Cllr Beckman’s address.

Cllr Beckman is one of three Labour councillors who snatched the Barnhill ward from the Conservatives in the council elections in 2010.

John Wood, chairman of the Barnhill Residents’ Association, believes it will be difficult for Cllr Beckman to represent her ward.

He said: “How will she know what is going on in the borough if she is living somewhere else?

“Most councillors don’t know what is going on when they are here never mind when they are away.

“Residents who voted her in have a right to know if she is going to represent them properly despite not living in the borough.”

Do you know of a Brent councillor who has continued to hold their seat despite moving out of the borough? If so call the news team on 020 7433 6228 or emaillorraine.king@archant.co.uk.