Meeting held over future of Jubilee Sports Centre

A community meeting was packed out last night as residents sought the latest news on the proposed demolition of a sports centre.

More than 150 people crammed in to the hall in Queen’s Park Primary School in Droop Street to find out more about Westminster Council’s plans to tear down Jubilee Sports Centre in Caird Street and instead redevelop the Moberly Sports Centre in Kilburn Lane.

The council was in attendance at the event to listen to concerns as well as inform residents about its intentions, while Karen Buck, MP for Westminster North, also spoke to the residents.

Linda Taggart, a campaigner who lives on First Avenue, was another speaker whoo told the audience about her fears for the future of the Mozart estate should Jubilee close.

Ms Taggart said: “Everybody feels that removing a sports facility from a deprived area is a mistake. You cannot have dense housing without a sports facility for the community. This is the last amenity here. Housing has replaced everything.

“Mozart Street looks like a shanty town. They need to redevelop the area with the community in mind and not how much cash it can make. There are ways of supporting both centres.

“This is a community sports centre built with a purpose. The purpose is still there and we can make this a better centre without knocking it down and selling off the land to make money.

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“There was a time when this area was a no-go area. It wasn’t safe. Imagine what it will be like if there is nothing for the community at all and no sports centre. It will go back to being a no-go area. Now is the time for people to stop it.”

A series of feedback sessions will now take place where residents can put across their thoughts on the plans.

The feedback sessions take place at Moberly Sports Centre, on July 4 between 12.30pm and 6.30pm and Jubilee Sports Centre, in Caird Street, Queen’s Park, between 12.30pm and 6.30pm.