London Mayor candidate Ken Livingstone is a winner with Brent residents

Cricklewood-based politician received more votes than Boris Johnson in the borough

Despite losing the Mayoral election overall Cricklewood’s Ken Livingstone was a winner with Brent residents.

Figures released today by London Elects, the independent body that organised the Mayor of London and LA elections, show Mr Livingstone received 67,083 first preference votes compared to 58,777 by Boris Johnson.

The former Brent East MP, held the mayoral role from 2000 until his defeat to Mr Johnson in 2008.

He has since announced his retirement from electoral politics.

Despite being beaten to fourth place by the Green Party, The Liberal Democrat’s Brian Paddick was the third most popular candidate in Brent with 5,810 votes.

The British National Party received the least number of votes in the borough with their Uruguayian candidate Carlos Cortiglia limping in with 1,405 first votes.

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Labour’s Navin Shah held on to his Brent and Harrow London Assembly seat with a majority of almost 30,000.

He received 70,400 votes against the Conservative’s Sachin Rajput with 40,604.

The Liberal Democrat’s candidate Charlotte Henry was third with 15,690, followed by Shahrar Ali (Green Party) 10,546 and Michael McGough (Fresh Choice for London) with 7,830.

Mr Shah, who lives in Harrow, told the Times he will continue to tackle crime and will be pressurising Mr Johnson to ensure the borough’s Safer neighbourhoods teams are ‘brought back to full strength’.

He added he will be keeping a close eye on pubic transport and the Jubilee Line in particular calling it ‘farcical’.

London Mayor results for Brent - Party - 1st preference - 2nd perference

Ken Livingstone - Labour - 67,083 - 26,961

Boris Johnson - Conservative - 58,777 - 20,466

Brian Paddick - Lib Dems - 5,810 - 23,554

Siobhan Benita - Independent - 5,152 - 13,691

Jenny Jones - Green Party - 4,730 - 19,835

Lawrence Webb - Fresh Choice for London - 2,231 - 8,915

Carlos Cortiglia - BNP - 1,405 - 3,367