Kenton Conservative councillors threatened with expulsion as feud with Brondesbury Park colleagues intensifies

Facing explusion: Kenton councillors Suresh Kansagra, Michael Maurice and Reg Colwill

Facing explusion: Kenton councillors Suresh Kansagra, Michael Maurice and Reg Colwill - Credit: Archant

A feud between Tory councillors in Brent has intensified amid claims the Conservative Party is threatening to expel the three serving the Kenton ward.

Cllr Joel Davidson wanted James DeGale to be given the freedom of the borough

Cllr Joel Davidson wanted James DeGale to be given the freedom of the borough - Credit: Archant

In an email seen by the Times, a regional party official has threatened to throw out councillors Suresh Kansagra, Reg Colwill and Michael Maurice unless they reconcile with their colleagues in the Brondesbury Park ward.

The six first fell out last year with the Brondesbury Park representatives breaking off from their Kenton counterparts because they voted themselves as the leader and deputy leader of the Brent branch of the Conservative Party.

The Brondesbury Park trio were unhappy with the appointments.

Last week, the power struggle deepened after the regional party called an Annual General Meeting which the Kenton councillors failed to attend.

Cllr Warren was appointed the borough’s party leader with Cllr Shaw as his deputy.

Two days before, a local AGM took place which the Kenton trio did attend but failed to invite their Brondesbury Park colleagues claiming they did not recognise them as members of the Conservative Party.

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Yesterday an email from the regional party was sent to all six councillors saying: “Unless Cllrs Kansagra, Colwill and Maurice join the group (Brondesbury Park trio) they will not be authorised to stand as Conservative Party candidates at future elections.”

Cllr Davidson slammed the Kenton trio saying it has been “a long and frustrating process fighting against opponents” who “have avowedly worked against us for a whole year.”

He added: “They have brought the party into disrepute, and they have offered absolutely no opposition which is what they were elected to do.

“I’m pleased that we can finally get on with being Brent Conservatives but it’s a real shame that the people of Kenton are represented by people who are not Conservatives and who have spent the whole year desperately attacking fellow Conservative councillors.”

Cllr Warren, added: “Since July we have been trying to resolve the situation without success. Central office decided enough is enough and instigated the situation as they want it resolved.”

Cllr Colwill hit back saying he will take the matter to court as the Brondesbury Park trio were not the real Conservatives.

He added: “We are the true conservatives. We stayed within the rules and what they are doing and carrying on the way they are is sending a message out to all the true conservatives across the borough that these people do what they like, come out then come back when they want to come back and you can’t do anything about it.

“We will take it further inside the party, and if necessary outside the party. They have not got the whip. They are not entitled to vote at our AGM which we had two days before them.

“We were re-elected last year and the others refused to attend the original AGM and refused to take part and therefore they didn’t take the whip.

“The Conservative Party has no right to call an AGM on behalf of councillors. They can’t call our AGM, we call our AGM.”

Slamming the threatening email, he added: “The party is trying to force us and treat us differently to others. We will challenge any decision they make. In the meantime it’s down to the council who will be the chief opposition party.”

“We will not be bullied when we have done nothing wrong.”

The regional Conservative Party press office refused to comment.