Kensal Rise Library campaigners launch petition calling for All Souls College to return building to the community

Crusaders are appealing for Oxford University college to reinstate axed branch

A new petition calling for an Oxford University college to return a closed library to the community has been launched.

All Souls College is now inviting bids for the sale or lease of the Kensal Rise Library building through their agent Cluttons.

But campaigners are hoping All Souls will return the building for community use before it is too late.

David Giles, library supporter, said: “As a graduate of Oxford, I am entirely appalled at the idea that a college – most especially All Souls – should take back a gift to the community.

“The Fellows of All Souls enjoy enormous privilege –not least of which is the fact that they are right next to the Bodleian Library; I urge the Fellows to act with honour and with the same generosity of their open-hearted and noble predecessors. This really is a test of character as much as anything else and the Fellows must rise to meet that test.”

The building is classified as a D1 property which means it cannot be used for residential use. DI buildings include health centres, nurseries, museums, libraries and spaces for public and religious worship.

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A spokesman for All Souls College confirmed organisations are now submitting bids through Cluttons. He said: “We have invited the Friends of Kensal Rise to prepare a bid. All bids will be considered.

“Some people say we are looking for money but we are not. We are looking for an interesting bid. We are not measuring this purely on financial grounds. It is limited to D1 use and that is the way we are marketing it.”

To sign the petition visit