Feedback needed for Brent Cross Town rejuvenation plans

Clitterhouse Playing Fields - an area set to be effected under plans.

Clitterhouse Playing Fields - an area set to be effected under plans. - Credit: Argent Related and Barnet Council

Feedback from more than 200 people on the rejuvenation of Brent Cross Town’s largest playing fields has been compiled into a public online exhibition. 

Brent Cross Town, a 180-acre net zero new park town, is part of Argent Related and Barnet Council’s joint venture to regenerate the Brent Cross and Cricklewood area.

The exhibition, which launched on March 14, gives residents the opportunity to see how their comments have been incorporated into the designs and to respond to the progressed vision for Clitterhouse Playing Fields.

Morwenna Hall, partner of Argent Related, said: “The insight, knowledge and ideas we received from the local community as part of our first round of consultation has been extremely valuable in helping us shape our designs.

“It is important to us that we share our evolved vision for Clitterhouse Playing Fields so that the community can continue to support us in delivering the best space to accommodate everyone.”

The data compiled indicated that many feel it is important to make the 44-acre open green space safer and more inviting. Suggestions to enact this included improvements to accessibility into the park, more seating and more litter bins. 

The need for more facilities and preference to maintain the openness of the playing fields were also highlighted.

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Proposals for new, high-quality facilities, including a pavilion with a café, public toilets and facilities for a range of sports, including tennis, football, parkour and teqball are available online.

Brent Cross Town will also be hosting in-person exhibitions from 11am to 3pm on March 26 at Clitterhouse Farm.

A webinar will be hosted on March 23, from 6.30- 7.30pm.

A second round of consultations will be launched and residents are advised by the council to continue contributing with their feedback to shape the development of this local asset.

Other developments in Brent Cross Town include the construction of a new train station, Brent Cross West and 6,700 homes.

The online exhibition is available to view at: