Brent: 160 electric vehicle chargers to be installed

Electric charging points could soon be introduced at some East Devon car parks

More EV charging points will be installed across Brent - Credit: Ranckin Japan

One-hundred and sixty electric vehicle chargers will be installed throughout Brent as Uber and Brent Council collaborate to make electric cars more accessible. 

The on-street charging points, which will be available for anyone to use, will improve access to electric vehicles for those without driveways or home chargers.

By incentivising a shift to electric vehicles, the council hopes to tackle air pollution for residents and achieve its goal of net zero carbon emissions in Brent by 2030.

Uber aims to enable as many of its drivers to use electric vehicles as possible, allowing them to benefit from lower running costs and higher earnings.

Jamie Heywood, Uber general manager for Northern and Eastern Europe said: “Drivers often tell me that being able to access reliable charging near their homes is critical to their decision to switch to an electric vehicle.”

The investment will boost London's overall charging network by more than 7 per cent.