Brent MPs will vote against bombing Syria

Left to right: Barry Gardiner, Tulip Siddiq and Dawn Butler

Left to right: Barry Gardiner, Tulip Siddiq and Dawn Butler - Credit: Archant

All three Labour MPs in Brent have announced they will vote against bombing Syria this evening.

Dawn Butler, MP for Brent Central, Tulip Siddiq, MP for Hampstead and Kilburn, and Barry Gardiner, MP for Brent North, are united against the proposals by the government.

Ms Butler made her decision not to back airstrikes in Syria, the headquarters of terrorist group Islamic State, often referred to as Daesh, after carrying out an online poll which showed out of the 280 constituents who took part 87 per cent were against the airstrikes.

Calling Daesh are an “appalling” terrorist group who “pose a serious and growing threat”, she continued: “It is essential that we are clear as to what difference our intervention would make towards the objective of defeating Daesh.

“I am yet to be convinced that air strikes are the right course of action.”

She added lessons had to be learnt from the war in Iraq which would be easier when the Chilcot enquiry report is published.

Ms Siddiq wrote on her blog: “Ultimately, I have made the decision to vote against air strikes in Syria because I do not believe the Prime Minister has set out a strong enough case for how this action will lead to ISIL/Daesh’s defeat or provided assurances that it will not put the British people at greater risk.”

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She thanked the “thousands of residents” who contacted her with their thoughts.

Mr Gardiner wrote on his website: “I don’t believe the government has yet justified its proposals for action, and I’ll be voting against it.

“I’m not a pacifist – I accept that military action is sometimes necessary. But any course of action must, in my view, improve the situation for people in Syria and protect Britain from the threat of terror.”

MPs have gathered in the House of Commons for a day of debates ending with the crucial vote at 10pm