Brent MP Dawn Butler becomes an internet sensation after asking Sky News presenter Kay Burley “What’s wrong with you?” during an interview

Internet sensation: Brent Central MP Dawn Butler

Internet sensation: Brent Central MP Dawn Butler - Credit: Archant

An awkward interview with a Sky News presenter which prompted Brent Central Labour MP Dawn Butler to joke “what’s wrong with you?” before breaking down in laughter has been shared thousands of times on social media site Twitter.

Twitter users have started trending the ‘hashtag’ #Whatiswrongwithyou after Ms Butler faced down a grilling from Sky News presenter Kay Burley about her nomination of Jeremy Corbyn as a candidate in the Labour leadership race.

Following the interview hundreds of Twitter users shared their amusement at Ms Burley’s insistence on asking the same question at least three times before the Labour MP responded “Oh, should I repeat myself, okay” and later laughingly exclaiming “What’s wrong with you?”

The social media storm has led to a variety of parody exchanges in which Ms Burley repeatedly asks the same question but refuses to accept the answer.

Ms Butler said: “It’s hilarious, Twitter is so funny. I’ve been glued to it all morning and it’s really nice that people have been thanking me for giving them a laugh, there have been some really nice questions and I love the hashtag.

“I’ve been in interviews before but never this bad. I think she was just shocked that I did not dodge the question- I came out of the interview a little bit dazed and I was shocked. I feel sorry for her.”

The MP was invited onto the programme to explain her decision to nominate Islington North MP Jeremy Corbyn to take part in Labour’s leadership race before announcing her formal backing for Shadow Health Secretary Andy Burnham MP as leader “to take the party forward”.

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Speaking after the seven-minute exchange Ms Butler said: “She just couldn’t understand. I had tried to answer a fully as possible that it was our responsibility as MP’s to nominate the widest possible field of candidates because we need a wide debate.”

Ms Butler added that Ms Burley, who is one of Sky News’ highest-paid anchors, seemed to be struggling with a list of questions that “ran out very quickly”.

She added she has not been in contact with the presenter or the Sky News room following the interview.