Brent Mayor gives advice on how to support Ukraine

Mayor of Brent Lia Colacicco

Mayor of Brent Lia Colacicco - Credit: Brent Council / Canva

Brent Council has given residents advice as to how they can help Ukrainian citizens through the conflict. 

The authority has publicly called-out Russia for invading the country and has said it is ‘standing in solidarity’ with Ukraine. 

Mayor of Brent Lia Colacicco, said: “Our thoughts and prayers are with the brave people of Ukraine, those killed or injured during the violence and their families during this incredibly difficult time.

“Vladimir Putin’s attack is a grave violation of international law and we demand he pulls back his forces to avoid any further avoidable death or destruction.

“This needless act of aggression will not be tolerated. We demand the UK government impose the harshest possible sanctions to undermine the power of Russia and to try and bring peace to Europe once more.”  

The council is not collecting donations directly but has released a list of organisations the public can support.