Brent election 2018: Live coverage of council poll results throughout the night

brent civic centre

brent civic centre - Credit: Archant

Join Nathalie Raffray and Mathilde Frot as they report the news and results as they come in live from 10.30pm at the Brent Civic Centre tonight.

Brent Labour are hoping to retain their dominance of the council having wiped out much of the opposition in 2014.

The Conservatives hold only six seats. Leader Cllr John Warren will hope to hang on to his Brondesbury seat and the group as a whole provide greater opposition.The Liberal Democrats, who lost all but one of their seats four years ago, will be hoping to win some back.

The group’s only representative, Cllr Helen Carr, defected the party and became independant in 2016 and is not standing again.

The Green Party is hoping to win its first seat on the council.

Where will Queen’s Park be in the morning? Labour hopes to hang on to it, but Queen’s Park Community Council and the Women’s Equality Party have also put candidates forward.

It all makes for a very interesting night.

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