Brent Council’s CCTV car parks on double yellow line to issue tickets

Parking boss accused of hypocrisy after vehicle breaks its own rules

Parking chiefs have been accused of hypocrisy after its mobile CCTV car which snoops on motorists was caught red-handed breaking one of its own rules.

The vehicle, which films motorists committing driving offences, was snapped by an eagle-eyed Times reader parked on a double-yellow line – which would normally result in a �130 fine.

The photograph has sparked anger among residents and campaigners who have slammed Brent Council for allowing its own staff to flout the rules to capture other motorists’ mistakes.

Barrie Segal, who runs his own parking campaign group, said: “Council workers are given exemptions to behave in the most ignorant manner. If any other motorist did this it would be considered dangerous to the public.

“It is absolutely outrageous that they are allowed to get off with the very thing that would be considered irresponsible and dangerous if done by normal motorists, but it is okay because they are issuing parking tickets.

“It is totally unacceptable and it is one of the reasons why motorists have no faith in the parking enforcement system.”

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Camera enforcement cars are legally permitted to park on yellow lines while carrying out a statutory duty.

Cllr Daniel Brown, Brent Liberal Democrat transport spokesman, said: “Residents understandably think the council is being hypocritical when it allows its own enforcement cars to park in locations where anyone else would instantly attract a fine.

“The Labour-run council is taking every opportunity to make money out of drivers.

“They have decided to charge drivers for going to the shops in Preston Road and Bridge Road, and are going to great lengths to generate parking fine income.”

The council has introduced pay and display machines across all shopping areas in Brent, costing motorists 60p for 20 minutes, �1.50 for 40 minutes and �2.40 for an hour.

Traders in Preston Road, East Lane and Bridge Road, Wembley, fear shoppers will be driven away.

A council spokesman said: “Civil Enforcement Officers have a statutory exemption which allows them to contravene parking restrictions to carry out their statutory duties.”

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