Fears Brent family homes could be replaced by tower blocks

The town hall are proposing to rise council tax 4.99 per cent

Brent Council offices - Credit: Archant

There are fears Brent Council’s latest housing plans could see low-rise family homes bought and replaced by tower blocks.

A residents’ association is concerned the authority's local plan will lead to more high rise buildings due to increased land purchasing powers.

The plan, which will shape the borough over the next two decades, was approved at a full council meeting last week. It covers a series of “growth areas” in Brent, which will undergo significant redevelopment, as well as the council’s wider aims in addressing the housing crisis.

But Sudbury Town Residents’ Association suggested it will lead to a loss of green space and a strain on local services. It launched a petition urging the council to rethink its strategy, which was signed by more than 400.

It read: “Once this plan is adopted, planning officers can grant permission to build within and around our green spaces, force the sale of homes and turn our wonderful neighbourhood into rows of high rises.”

The petition acknowledged the need for more homes and detailed a list of high-profile developments that will contribute towards housing targets. However, the residents’ group said the new local plan will continue to focus on large projects that will ultimately have a negative impact.

It continued: “An interesting observation is that there is insufficient planning to develop or add to vital infrastructure such as hospitals, schools, GP clinics and adult social services.”

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While Sudbury is not a designated growth area, it is close to two in Alperton and Wembley, and will still be affected by the council’s approach. 

Despite these concerns, the council has insisted the plan will benefit and protect all communities in Brent between now and 2041.

Lead planning councillor Shama Tatler said: “The local plan sets out our long-term vision for the borough.

“This includes eight growth areas where the majority of the homes, commercial space and supporting social infrastructure will be built.

“By 2041 Brent is expected to be home to around 65,000 more people. Our local plan is helping us to plan ahead and prepare for the future, this includes building an additional 46,000 homes along with the right facilities, jobs and infrastructure to support our communities of today and tomorrow."